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Osstem Implant is devoted to being your trusted global partner with prime dental implant solutions.

We are one of the global leaders in implant dentistry and oral regeneration. With the exceptional standards of quality and ground-breaking technological innovations, Osstem Implant builds and navigates the road of regenerative dental solutions around the globe. Performing the global brand synergy based on the headquarter in South Korea and 28 overseas subsidiaries, we are taking the spot of unparalleled number one in the Asia and Pacific region and of the fourth largest global market leader.

Throughout more than two-decades of history, Osstem Implant has contributed greatly to the development of global clinical implantology and the popularization of dental implants. We are continuing to develop future growth engines by enabling researches and develops, trainings and education in close collaboration with leading clinics, research institutes and universities, which leads it up to evidence-based product innovation. Our wide range of total implant solution is showing global presence rewarded with the high degree of customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves to become a more trusted company by strengthening customer relations activities and by vitalizing voice-of-customer system and services for quality improvement. - Learn more


Style Your Smile — Osstem Implant

We live in an age in which the power of science becomes evident every day. The advancements in medicine and public health is doubtlessly contributing to a better quality of life, and restorative and regenerative oral health care is also an essential part of it. Standing on one of the top positions in the global implant dentistry, we will improve millions of our lives. By providing prime solutions in implant dentistry, we will lead you towards a genuine smile of life. Style Your Smile with Osstem Implant.

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