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Next-generation smile design: Motivation, planning and Communication with IvoSmile

IvoSmile is a tablet-based app to support esthetic dentistry. In this webinar, the different Motivation and Planning modes of IvoSmile will be explained. The expert will also show participants how to use it for communication with patients.

Topics that will be covered in this webinar:
  • Integration of IvoSmile into the esthetic workflow
  • Setup for the Motivation mode
  • Position and light: Making good photos and sequences
  • Requirements for the Planning mode
  • Working with different tooth databases
  • Explanation of the design tools
  • Creating the final look: Tooth color, translucency and more
  • Saving, sharing and exporting cases
  • Bleaching simulation
  • Explanation of IvoSmile Orthodontics
  • CAD-Link: A look into the future of IvoSmile
  • Demo of the whole workflow in some typical cases
For some exercises, it is recommended to have a tablet computer (e.g. iPad) with the installed IvoSmile available.  Hand-outs:

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